Raising Hope

Raising Hope is a Chelan Valley Hope targeted appeal to fill urgent needs that, while compelling, are not within the normal ambit of CVH’s services. Each Raising Hope “ask” is a one-time appeal for donations to fund a specific, urgent, time-sensitive need for a CVH client.

Raising Hope is currently seeking donations to fund the following clients’ need:

Single Mom & 3 Kids Need a Place to Call Home

A local single mother and her three children are currently residing in temporary housing and wish to relocate to a more permanent residence in coming weeks. We are seeking funding to  help the family resolve previously-incurred expenses that likely will interfere with their ability to achieve future housing stability. Our goal is to assure that this family secures stable housing for the long term, which for most families in financial distress is the first step out of crisis and into overall, long-term financial stability. This campaign seeks $2,500 to help this family out of crisis and fill this existing and pressing need.

Need: $2500

Amount Funded: