Raising Hope

Raising Hope is a Chelan Valley Hope targeted appeal to fill urgent needs that, while compelling, are not within the normal ambit of CVH’s services. Each Raising Hope “ask” is a one-time appeal for donations to fund a specific, urgent, time-sensitive need for a CVH client or clients.

Raising Hope is currently seeking donations to fund the following clients’ need:

Coping with COVID-19

During these challenging and unprecedented times, we at CVH are struggling to grapple with the scope of needs that will imminently confront our clients. Those needs may arise from many converging forces, as to which we can merely speculate at this time. We are certain, though, that CVH’s clients will shortly require financial assistance at an unprecedented level if they are to weather and emerge from this crisis. We are committed to gearing up to timely assist those in need as their various situations become clear in coming weeks and months. We promise that, as always, CVH will be a good steward of your donations. Given the anticipated overwhelming need, our present goal for this campaign is $20,000. All we ask of you is that you give generously. We are, as always, deeply grateful for the unfailing support of our kind and caring community. 

Your help is needed now more than ever. 

Need: $20,000

Amount Funded: $21,035