Furthering positive changes
in people’s lives.

Chelan Valley Hope provides assistance, advocacy, and referral service to under-resourced families and individuals throughout the Greater Chelan Valley.

Committed. Caring. Dedicated.

What is Chelan Valley Hope?

CVH is a grassroots, local 501c3. We depend on the generosity of donors for revenue, and the commitment of willing volunteers for our workforce.

What is Raising Hope?

Raising Hope is a Chelan Valley Hope targeted appeal to fill urgent needs that, while compelling, are not within the normal ambit of CVH’s services. Each Raising Hope “ask” is a one-time appeal for donations to fund a specific, urgent, time-sensitive need  for a CVH client.

Our Mission

Furthering positive changes in people's lives.

Our Vision

We envision a Chelan Valley where all people in need are compassionately connected with timely relief and other relevant resources.

Our Values

We empower people in crisis to problem-solve and improve their situation.

  • Enhancing sustainability and stability in family and individual clients’ lives
  • Providing choice and direction out of crisis and beyond
  • Interacting with dignity for all
  • Building relationships through compassionate caring and active listening
  • Providing continuity of care and relevant resources through confidential record-keeping
  • We are led and staffed by faith-based and outward-focused individuals who exhibit loving teamwork

We're Grateful for Our Partners