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TLC Seeks Help with Unmet Needs

TLC for Seniors seeks to create a fund for client needs where funding is otherwise unavailable and the clients lack the necessary resources. About half of TLC’s clients live in federally-subsidized housing or on Social Security alone. Pets are often these clients’ only family, and they sometimes require medical intervention, such as spay/neutering or even surgery. Occasionally, a client may need to board their furry companion during a hospitalization or convalescence. If you would be able to donate to TLC’s “Unmet Needs” fund, you would be providing life-changing sustenance for these seniors who depend heavily on their pets for love and companionship. Please donate via this website, noting your gift is for “Unmet Needs” or make your check payable to Tender Loving Care and note “Unmet Needs” in the memo line. On behalf of our clients and their “fur babies,” thank you!