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TLC for Seniors “In Person” Visits

As of mid-October TLC for Seniors has been offering “in person” visits with clients for almost three months. TLC is very grateful to have safe, personal contact with most of their friends. From August to mid-October, 2020, TLC volunteers have met with six new seniors/families, and TLC has brought on five new clients as well as two new volunteers. During August and September, friendship visits doubled over the “no contact” March-July levels. The length of visits has also increased from one hour to the usual two. TLC volunteers provide seniors with relief from social isolation and offer transportation, as well as support to caregivers. TLC is actively seeking seniors who would like the friendship and support of a TLC volunteer. Please call Claudia Swenson (360-561-6090) or Kathy Miller (509-470-2843) for more information.