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Claudia Swenson Celebrates 10 Years with CVH!

June, 2020 was the 10-year anniversary for long-time CVH volunteer, Claudia Swenson. Besides doing intake, she has also been quick to lend a hand to all CVH events and fundraisers.  A volunteer with a compassionate heart, Claudia has always been willing to step in and help wherever help was needed. With her medical background, Claudia brings invaluable expertise to clients’ medical and prescription issues.  A skilled minute taker, Claudia captures the important information from meetings so all volunteers and staff are on the same page. As if that weren’t enough, Claudia has also overseen the TLC program for many years, all while volunteering at CVH as well! Claudia’s dedication and selfless service to the clients of both CVH and TLC is a shining example to all. Many lives are better for her service. Thank you, Claudia, and happy Anniversary!

-The CVH Board of Directors & Executive Director Jean Gambrielle