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Manger Mall is a Program of Chelan Valley Hope, and Chelan Valley Hope serves as the fiscal sponsor for Tender Loving Care for Seniors (TLC). We have the shared mission of helping people easily access essential resources, and together we can leverage our assets to multiply our reach.

Manger Mall


Register NOW for Manger Mall 2022:  Saturday, December 10th at the North Shore Bible Church @ 123 Wapato Point Pkwy, Manson, WA 98831

A Chamber Bucks Gift Certificate will be given to parents for each child registered. Certificates can be redeemed at any Chamber member store or business allowing you to select the perfect gift for your child. Community donations are essential to make this event successful.

To donate please click on the donate button at the top of the screen, then scroll down and click on the Manger Mall button. Or send a check payable to Manger Mall at: Manger Mall, PO Box 477 Chelan, WA 98816.

2022 Manger Mall Committee


Shannon Leahy

Tender Loving Care for Seniors


TLC offers volunteer visits, at no fee, to assist seniors to live comfortably in their own home.

In the first 4 years of operation, TLC has averaged 20-27 volunteers providing almost 3000 visits to 100 seniors with 5165 hours of visits and 34,000 miles of transportation. 

Activities may include:

  • Companionship
  • Support to achieve goals for health & self care
  • Connections to other services in the community
  • Caregiver support

Business is booming at TLC for Seniors:  currently serving 48 clients (previously 25-30) with 34 volunteers (previously averaged 25-30) and providing 18,000 miles of transportation in 2021. Overall, we have provided 3800 visits, 7000 hrs of visits and 32,000 miles of transportation over our 4+ year history. Due to one on one visits and Covid safety protocols, there have been no cases of Covid associated with TLC visits over the last 17 months. We have funding to assist with clients’ unmet needs: i.e. small home repair/safety issues, care of pets (neutering, vaccinations).

The mission of the TLC for Seniors Program is to improve the care and support of vulnerable seniors (age 60+) in Chelan Valley through personal contact by a trained volunteer friend. The goal is to help meet the needs of seniors who wish to have an excellent quality of life in their own home by providing assistance with activities and to access services when needed.

Trained volunteers (must have background check, confidentiality statement, and specific policies) are paired with a senior after an initial in-home assessment. The timing of volunteer visits and tasks are mutually agreed upon.                   

Activities may include just visiting, playing cards, doing puzzles, or helping with a home task, making appointments for health care, providing transportation for needed shopping and appointments or providing caregiver support. Volunteers can also assist with connecting seniors to other services such as home health, home repair and transportation.

After 4 yrs of operation, TLC has averaged 20-25 volunteers providing 2,300 visits to 84 seniors with about 4,000 hours of visits and 22,700 miles traveled.

To make a donation to TLC Visit the “Home Page” and click the button “Donate to TLC” or mail your check made out to TLC for Seniors to PO Box 635, Chelan, WA 98816 or drop by Chelan Valley Hope. A tax deductible receipt will be provided.

Volunteers: TLC is always interested in talking with potential volunteers. Commitment: 2-4 hours per month for 6 months.  

TLC Events:  TLC continues to work with EMS/Paramedicine, LCH, CVCH clinic and Chelan Valley Hope to make sure Chelan seniors are well connected to local and regional services. TLC volunteers/coordinator will help families obtain durable medical equipment locally through ReRuns or Eagles Club or Knights of Columbus in Wenatchee. TLC knows that care of family pets is so important to seniors and have made special arrangements to access low cost/no cost care.  TLC seeks to support family caregivers by connecting to  fun activities the couple can still do “chair volleyball” and providing hours of care so the caregiver can get refreshed. If transportation to appointments to medical appoilntments in Wenatchee or beyond is not feasible for a client, TLC volunteers have filled the gap. TLC Coordinator and volunteers provide nonmedical support for families dealing with with difficult medical issues – macular degeneration, stroke/aphasia, Parkinson’s Disease, severe respiratory illness. There is great joy in serving our Chelan, Manson, Chelan Falls families!!


Sandy Zimchek, TLC Coordinator



Claudia Swenson, Manager