Building Relationships - Strengthening
Families - Changing Lives

Chelan Valley Hope provides assistance, advocacy, and referral service to under-resourced families and individuals throughout the Greater Chelan Valley.

We offer one-stop access to a host of essential local and regional services in a welcoming, confidential setting where everyone is treated with dignity and compassion. We create unique plans for each of our clients to assure that they receive the specific assistance they need.

CVH is a grass-roots, local 501c3. We depend exclusively on the generosity of donors for revenue, and the commitment of willing volunteers for our workforce.


Our Mission

Furthuring positive changes in people’s lives.

Our Vision

We envision a Chelan Valley where all people in need are compassionately connected with relevant resources.

Our Values

Empowering people in crisis to problem-solve and improve their situation

Enhancing Sustainability and Stability in family and individual clients’ lives

Providing Choice and Direction out of crisis and beyond

Interacting with Dignity for all

Building Relationships through Compassionate Caring and Active Listening

Providing Continuity of Care and Relevant Resources through Confidential Record-keeping

We are led and staffed by faith-based and outward-focused individuals who exhibit loving teamwork


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